"The Lord Is Going To Speak To Us" Bishop Frank Dupree

At the time of Jesus’ birth the world was a very much like it is today…

The Jews were dispersed throughout the world and were as varies as the Christian Church is today.

There were Metropolitan Centers in the Major Cities of the Roman Empire where the Jews were sophisticated, wealthy and influential. Not very religious yet still different from the rest of society in certain ways. And, they looked down on the “simple, country folk”.

The Gentiles were absolutely Hedonists. They were irreligious and self-centered. They also looked down on the poor, simple minded country folk; especially those who “religious Jews”.

The Religious Jews were just that… Ritualistic, regulated by rules and Religious. They were not necessarily people of Faith… there trust was in who they were: The Chosen People; not in Who He Was and their personal relationship to Him. These were the Religious Class… The Scribes and Pharisees. The Elite who deemed themselves “Better than the rabble of the uneducated masses”. They also looked down their noses at the working class of country folk and hated the Gentiles! These were “Superior” to everyone; even the wealthy because they were the “Legalistic” ones who followed the Law and all of the additional commandments of their Leaders.

Then there were the Jews who were the Believers… They might not have had the money or the education of the City Jews and the Scribes and Pharisees but they also did not have their arrogance! They didn’t trust in trying to keep the Laws and all its prescriptions because they knew that was impossible and they were realistic. These believers simply trusted in the God of

Abraham the Father of Faith who himself was not perfect but loved God with all his heart

Isaac who wasn’t self-righteous but just knew that God loved Him and he trusted in Him

Jacob the deceiver who had a change of heart because God touched him. He knew that God didn’t demand rule following but complete trust.

When John the Baptist’s birth was announced, it was done in the splendor of the Temple between the Golden Candlestick and the Golden Altar of Incense. The reason was it was the last time that God would come to the Temple… He was about to change everything about how He dealt with mankind.

In contrast, Jesus’ birth announcement was made in the humble quarters of a lowly home in the poor countryside of Nazareth. The place that was the most deplorable to the Wealthy and Religious Jews…

God was speaking in a new way… He was “doing a New Thing”.

And, when Jesus was born it was not in the Holy City of Jerusalem close to the Temple and the Sanhedrin. No, he was born in the “City of David”. Bethlehem, the “House of Bread”. The Bread of Life had come down from heaven unbeknownst to the Elite, the Wealthy and the Religious!

Gabriel, “The Might of God” came and appeared to Shepherds in the fields that night. He did not appear to a Priest in the Temple like he did with the announcement of John the Baptist’s birth. No, he came to the “Tower of the Flock”. A place where only sheep destined to go to the slaughter in Jerusalem were raised by Shepherds who were no ordinary common ones but those who knew that their task caring for these special sheep had to be done as “Unto the Lord” and not unto man. And after he announced the Birth of the Savior the skies were filled with the Heavenly Host who declared:

“Glory to God in the Highest and Peace on Earth to men of Good will.”

God spoke to them…

God was about to do His “New Thing”!

God is getting ready to speak to us today…

Today, just as back then, there are the Big City Churches who aren’t religious. They don’t care so much about God’s will… They care more about the way the world looks at them. They fit right into the Non-Believers Society never causing a stir among them because they don’t preach the Gospel of the Kingdom… They have a “Progressive Gospel” which is no Gospel at all. They would look down at us just as their counterparts back in Jesus’ time looked down at others.

And, today, just as back then, there are the Ultra-Religious, Holier than Thou Churches… Those that have Christianity boiled down to rules and regulations. They are not always the biggest and the wealthiest but they claim to be better educated and they know and practice the Bible in their Legalistic ways.

No, God is going to move on Living Water Church and others like us!

He is going to reveal His Word, His Revelations to the “simple, country folk” who are the humble one who know that they are the Shepherds of God’s Flock. The sheep that are precious to Him because they are willing to lay their lives down for Him and be, like Jesus, led to the slaughter without complaints. These are true descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… Trusting God with their Born Again hearts!

God is coming to those who don’t trust in the size of their Church or how wealthy it is…

He’s going to speak to us…

Jesus came to a world in darkness… He was the “Light of the World”… Now we, as His followers are “the Light of the World”. Please listen to what He wants to say to us now…

His Voice will speak to us and He will Govern us, Guide us, Ground us, Guard us and Gather others to Himself through the Apostolic Team of Fivefold Ministers here.

We will grow from being “The Children of God” to “The Sons of God”…

He will place in our hearts a love for the lost so that we reach out to them and bring them to Christ.

He’s going to Move Among Us!

His Glory will be revealed as we do and all flesh will see it!

He is going to bring true Revival here that will draw all men unto Him.

You may offend some with your faith but even they will say of us: “Behold how they love one another”.

So get ready… We are about to become “A Shining City on a Hill” like Bethlehem; the City of David, the House of Bread.

Are you ready?

“Oh come all ye faithful. Joyful and Triumphant”

Merry Christmas Everyone!