Built in 1909 Living Water Full Gospel Church is North Arlington’s oldest house of worship. This Charismatic Christian Church was originally a Pentecostal Mission built only three years after the Azusa Street Revival that took place in 1906 where the Pentecostal movement was born. Therefore we hold the honor of being one of the oldest Pentecostal, Charismatic Church buildings in America where the Gospel of the Lord has been preached accompanied by "signs and wonders" for 100 years!

The fires of the Azusa Street Revival in California quickly spread to Chicago and through the influence of William Durham the movement spread to Italy and South America. Thriving Italian Pentecostal movements were founded after 1908 in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, and Italy by two Italian immigrants to Chicago, Luigi Francescon and Giacomo Lombardy. It was then that the fire fell in North Arlington too!

The first Pastor was the Rev. Paul DeMarco. He led the growing congregation until just after World War II when he passed on to his heavenly reward. Several other Men of God led the congregation including Rev. Latona who was followed by the Rev. Joseph Lattell. Due to the changing demographics of the town the Church the congregation became smaller and by the mid 1970’s it closed its doors for several years.

100th Anniversary Renovations - 2019

100th Anniversary Renovations - 2019

In 1979, exactly seventy years after it was built that the Lord Jesus led Bishop Frank Duprée and his wife Giovanna to reopen the Church doors. They were sent out as Missionaries by Living Water Church in Riverhead, NY. The emphasis of the Church has never changed during its entire history: the preaching of Jesus as Lord and Savior and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidences of Speaking in Tongues & Prophecy. Miracles, healings and prophecy are a part of the spiritual life of Living Water Full Gospel Church and prayer for all needs is offered at every service.

Our Church services are marked with lively worship, and powerful preaching of the Word of God.